Past Awardees


ASIA GAME CHANGER OF THE YEAR: Champion for women, champion for sustainability, champion for wellness, and transformative leader of an iconic global company
For overcoming obstacles and heartbreak — and emerging as champions for girls all over the world
For courage that led to his freedom — and then groundbreaking work to give patients new hope
For spreading unity through song in one of the world’s most divided cities
For risking their lives to contain a nuclear disaster
For defying steep odds, shattering records, and inspiring — and helping — millions of girls
For showing that faith, teamwork, and indomitable courage can work miracles
For game-changing, life-saving heroism — in the world’s most unforgiving and desperate places
For championing the environment — from the cities of China to the farthest reaches of the planet


LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: For improving the lives of millions in Asia and around the world
For using rap music to empower the girls of Afghanistan
For revolutionizing transportation in China
For breaking gender barriers at a remarkably young age
For risking his life to expose an environmental calamity
For using celebrity to place a spotlight on India’s poor
For proving that learning can be fun — and have a profound impact — anywhere in the world
For showing that musical virtuosity knows no bounds
For building a global retail empire that gives back to local communities


Special musical performance by the Indonesian jazz piano prodigy
For bringing education and hope to young girls, amid the trauma of war
For engineering a better world, and ensuring that more of its engineers are women
For turning one nation's pop culture into a global phenomenon
LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: For changing the world, one building at a time
For bringing the gift of sight, and productive life, to those most in need
For restoring music — and empowering children — in a war-ravaged nation
For "social-impact" investing that has changed the game for millions
For using music to heal, in the aftermath of terror
For changing the landscape of film in China


ASIA GAME CHANGER OF THE YEAR: For using his sport, and his star power, as forces for good
For lighting our world in a groundbreaking and sustainable way
For breaking the glass ceiling, transforming an industry, and reaching the masses
For changing the game of communication in China
For his art, his courage, and his cultural diplomacy
For using comedy to challenge perceptions, and work for good
For battling stereotypes, and terror, from the air
For empowering children to change the world


For finding beauty, and hope, in the landscapes of disaster
For bringing the gift of literacy to millions of Indians
For bringing light, literally, to so many lives
For demonstrating that 'looking good' and 'doing good' can be one and the same
ASIA GAME CHANGER OF THE YEAR: For history-making business and philanthropy in China
For providing a brilliant blueprint for responding to disaster
For bringing news, information and entertainment to a barren landscape
For changing the way the world tackles poverty
For eye-opening films that give voice to the voiceless
For using the power of music to spread a global message of hope
For a truly visionary approach to treating India’s blind
For continuing to dream, and fight for girls the world over, after living a nightmare
For leveling the playing field by providing quality education to millions in China