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Kevin Rudd tells us that if history is any guide, it is not a foregone conclusion that democratic capitalism will somehow inevitably prevail in the West, let alone in the East.
Wendy Cutler says it’s time to develop a co-existence pact between the two very different systems at play in the U.S. and China.
Wendy Cutler tells us that China's not likely to make decisions that hurt China as much or more than they hurt the U.S.
Anubhav Gupta tells us why it's an open secret in both Washington and New Delhi that Trump’s Indo-Pacific strategy was little more than a branding exercise.
The controversial cricketer-turned-politician takes office at a turbulent time in his country's history.
Kevin Rudd suggests we light a candle for coming trade talks with China since we’ve routinely failed to see the tipping points between failed diplomacy and limited conflict and then more general war.

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Daniel Russel and Wendy Sherman explain how North Korea walked away as the big winner in Tuesday's summit with President Trump in Singapore.
Kevin Rudd, Lindsey Ford, and others share their thoughts about Tuesday's historic meeting of the U.S. and North Korean leaders.
Rather than help the isolated Southeast Asian country solve its problems, the social network has instead amplified them. But Myanmar's challenges go far beyond Facebook.
The country's eventual transition to liberal democracy once seemed inevitable — but Kevin Rudd argues that the country has redefined what the "end of history" really means.
In an excerpt from his new book "Not for the Faint Hearted," the former Australia prime minister and current Asia Society Policy Institute president describes his lifelong fascination with the Middle Kingdom.

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