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Wendy Cutler on why Trump's trade tactics may undermine U.S. trade interests long term.
Daniel Russel writes that adjustments to China's BRI projects will bring benefits.
It's likely to be a painful ride before both a deal that saves some face for both sides.
If China's leaders are serious about reform, there are several things they can do to cut down on corruption, waste, and local anger.
Danny Russel discusses U.S.-China relations, the anniversary of Tiananmen, North Korea, and more on Pod Save the World.
Kevin Rudd writes that President Trump's tough rhetoric plays into Chinese economic nationalism.

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Following a brief delay, the U.S. and China seem poised to eventually make a deal. But major fundamental differences between the two are unlikely to be resolved.
Daniel Russel, Lindsey Ford, June Park, Jieun Baek, and Sylvia Kim discuss the abrupt ending of the second meeting of the two countries' leaders.
The former Australian prime minister discusses a shift in Sino-American relations from "strategic engagement" to "strategic competition."
President Sirisena's decision to overthrow the prime minister and install a political rival has thrown the country's fragile democracy in disarray.
Anubhav Gupta speaks to James Crabtree, author of a new book on India's super-rich, on how the affluent may influence India's economic trajectory.
A perennially tense situation in China's far west has turned into a human rights crisis. What has changed — and what can be done?

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