Upcoming Event in September

Asia Society Policy Salon Tokyo (ASPST)  

Breakfast #10

Alex Moazed

Founder and CEO of Applico

September 17, 2019

Upcoming Events in October

Asia Society Policy Salon Tokyo (ASPST)  

Breakfast #11

Prof. Kenneth J. Ruoff

Professor & Director of the Center for Japanese Studies at Portland State University

October 18, 2019

Upcoming Event in October

Arts Committee Breakfast  

Breakfast #5

Marty Gross

Director/ Producer, Mingei Film Archives

October 31, 2019

Asia Society Policy Salon Tokyo (ASPST)  

Breakfast #9

Evan Wolfson

Founder and President of Freedom to Marry

August 2, 2019

Asia Society Policy Salon Tokyo (ASPST)  

Breakfast #8

Wendy Cutler,  Asia Policy Institute Vice President 

July 8, 2019

Asia Society Policy Salon Tokyo (ASPST) & Asia 21 

Breakfast #7

Yoseph Ayele, Founder & CEO of Edmund Hillary Fellowship

July 4, 2019

 Arts Committee Breakfast Series #4

Naoto Fukasawa 

July 1, 2019

Asia Society Japan, Asia Innovation Caravan

Asia Society Japan Center welcomes

Asia Society Global Trustees & Guests to Japan

Asia Society Japan

Asia Society Japan Opens With Special
Discussions on Future of the Asia Pacific

Asia Society Gains Foothold in Japan
With Opening of Tokyo Center

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A lawyer and a campaigner for equal marriage rights in the US.  Evan Wolfson founded and was the President of Freedom to Marry, the campaign that won marriage in the US, architect of the movement that led to nationwide victory in 2015.
“Stormy Forecast for Asia-Pacific Trade” Ms. Cutler provided us with her insights surrounding trade and security policies in the current climate on what's to happen in the region.
Mr. Ayele introduced the concept of the Global Impact Visa and how it was inspired and designed. In-depth discussions following his comments covered a broad range of issues regarding the program design and its significance globally.
Mr. Fukazawa introduced the concept of Mingei, referring to its distinction from Kogei, and discussed Mingei’s influence on modern design. Participants discussed about the boundaries among Mingei, Kogei, industrial design and minimalism.
Prof. Calder discusses the concepts at work in transforming Eurasia: connectivity, geo-economics, technology.
Japan is facing the largest decline in working population in the developed world. No major country has faced such a decline since the Black Death. Mr. Atkinson discussed what this mean for the Japanese economy, and if there's any hope.
In an effort to build a new discussion platform for arts, the Arts Committee bring to you a panel discussion led by Chris Wells, co-chair of the Arts Committee to understand what challenges young artists today are facing to making it.
Taihei is your modern day renaissance man, an artist and entrepreneur. He set up Startbahn and launched a blockchain product for the art market in April. With the product launched he will take us on a journey (discussion) on how blockchain
Asia Society Japan Center Founding Members welcomes the Asia Society Global Trustees to International House of Japan during the Japan leg of Asia Innovation Caravan.
Jamie Metzl is the leading technology futurist and geopolitical expert and a Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council. Jamie spoke at the March Policy Salon round-table about geopolitics in Asia and the technological frontier.
Mr. Fumio Nanjo, Director of Mori Art Museum kicked off the first Art Committee breakfast roundtable of 2019 to discuss his holistic views of the current trends in the Asia Art world.
“Challenges to Central Banking - Personal Reflections from a former-Bank of Japan Governor”
What is the pathway for global trade negotiations; US-China disputes and US-Japan trade talk negotiations.
“An Observer on the 4th Floor: My own thoughts about Shinzo Abe”
Asia Society celebrates the official opening of its Tokyo-based Japan Center with a reception and timely discussions.
The partnership will involve collaboration in terms of programming, and office space for a first-ever Asia Society center in Japan.

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17 Sep 2019
8 - 9:30 a.m.
Take a front row seat to hear how modern successful platform business' use infrastructure and techniques to build a tech platform.
18 Oct 2019
8 - 9:30 a.m.
The year 2019 marks a new era for Japan, with the abdication of Emperor Akihito ending the three-decade Heisei era. On May 1, Emperor Naruhito took the throne, succeeding his father and ushering in a new imperial era, Reiwa.
31 Oct 2019
8 - 9:30 a.m.
The Mingei Film Archive is an ongoing project to restore, enhance and preserve films and recordings of the Mingei Movement, Mr.Gross has unearthed footages of its ongoing legacy. We will be able to view Leach, Hamada and Yagagi in action.