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2012: Asia's Year in Review

Join us as we look back on noteworthy events and trends from the past year, and look forward to what they might mean for 2013. Check back for daily updates into the new year.

What Were the Five Most Watched Asia Society Videos in 2012?

Multimedia What videos from Asia Society did you find most interesting in 2012? A look back at the five most watched videos from Asia Society on YouTube. From music to politics to robotics, our viewers' tastes ran the gamut.
December 28th by Boruo Chen |

A Rock By Any Other Name: Asia's Premiere Language Game of 2012

Education What's in a name? Territorial disputes in the Pacific tap into an older tradition of organizing reality through naming.
December 27th by Chris Livaccari |

NYT Lists Arif Lohar's Asia Society Gig as One of 2012's Best — Watch it Now!

Arts What do Jay-Z, The Rolling Stones, Nicki Minaj, Fiona Apple, Neil Young, and Pakistani musical legend Arif Lohar have in common? They all made The New York Times list of the best concerts of 2012.
December 27th by Dan Washburn |

In 2012 it Was Full Speed Ahead on China's Rails

Policy Asia Society ChinaFile Fellow Maura Cunningham evaluates China's latest push for high-speed railways.
December 26th by Maura Cunningham |

Asia Blog's Top Five Posts of 2012

Lifestyle The best Chinese restaurants in America, Oprah eating with her hands, and Obama's trip to Southeast Asia were among the most interesting topics to readers this year.
December 25th by Liz Flora |

Northeast Asia in 2013: New Beginnings, Old Challenges

Policy Asia Society Associate Fellow Charles Armstrong discusses what all the political transitions of 2012 will mean for the upcoming year.
December 25th by Charles Armstrong |

In 2013, Washington's Asian 'Rebalance' Needs to Start at Home

Policy U.S. leaders must educate the public about the assumptions on which they are already working — that engagement in Asia is both crucial and irreversible, writes Asia Society's Matt Stumpf.
December 21st by Matt Stumpf |

Poll: Who Was Asia's Person of the Year in 2012?

Asia Blog has compiled a list of 12 of the most newsworthy figures of 2012. It's your turn to vote on who you think had the most impact.
December 20th by Asia Society |

13 Predictions for Asia in 2013

Lifestyle Asia Society's Tom Nagorski offers his predictions on Asia for the year to come, but says he'd "be surprised if any of them came true."
December 20th by Tom Nagorski |

Wasserstrom: The Five New China Books I'm Most Excited About in 2013

Policy China expert Jeffrey Wasserstrom lists the five books on China he most looks forward to reading in 2013.
December 19th by Jeffrey Wasserstrom |