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Asian CineVision in association with Asia Society is pleased to host the 40th annual Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF).
Jun 1-2: Celebrate emerging Japanese and Japanese American filmmakers.
A unique and delightful program that offers a chance for us to re-understand the Filipino culture.

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The author's new book explores how K-pop, Bollywood, and Turkish Dizi have become significant cultural exports
Screenings and events at Asia Society for the 42nd Annual Asian American Film Festival.
Asia Society Southern California's special screening of "Ash is Purest White," followed by a Q&A with Jia Zhangke, one of China's most critically acclaimed directors.
 /  Southern California
A conversation that explores the profound change in landscape and what it portends for Asians in independent and studio films
 /  Southern California
A special panel discussion with Asian directors, producers, and cinematographers of films shortlisted for an Oscar for the Best Documentary Feature.
Photos and videos from the screening and discussion
Film industry insiders discuss Hollywood’s slow embrace of diversity and what Asian American communities can do to get their stories made.
A retrospective of Tibetan filmmaker Pema Tseden, including his four major works and a discussion program with the director.
Angelina Jolie, Loung Ung, Rithy Panh, and Phloeun Prim discuss their work through the prism of the Cambodian genocide.
'Spotlight' speakers include Charles H. Rivkin, in his new role as CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, and Miao Xiaotian, President of the China Film Co-Production Corporation.
Academy CEO Dawn Hudson and groundbreaking filmmaker Zhang Yang added as honorees.
In this episode, we hear the legendary action star talk candidly about his most famous scene — and other stunts he says he honestly thought might kill him. Some nearly did.
Despite their documentary clocking in at 18 hours, Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have encountered some critics who say it wasn't thorough enough.
Honorees include Bona Film Group Chairman Yu Dong and Director Feng Xiaogang.
The director discusses the experience of Abacus, a tiny New York bank indicted for its role in the financial crisis.
An interview with the actor, writer, and director whose film explores relations between Koreans and African Americans during the 1992 Los Angeles riots.
Asian CineVision in association with Asia Society is pleased to host the 40th annual Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF).
The filmmaker Michael Wood describes his new documentary series tackling the sweep of Chinese history.

Upcoming Events

  • Film
     /  New York
    21 Feb 2020
    7 - 8:30 p.m.
    Pema Tseden's Jinpa tells the story of a truck driver who chances upon a hitchhiker on a quest for revenge. Mixing naturalism with dreamy sepia-soaked flashbacks, Jinpa challenges our understanding of morality, spiritualism and reality.

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