The Center for Global Education (CGE) at Asia Society partners with leaders and institutions from around the world to tackle one of the most critical education challenges today: how to educate all students for employability and citizenship in a global era. We are working to achieve UN SDG target 4.7 on Global Citizenship Education, and published Teaching for Global Competence in a Rapidly Changing World with OECD in 2018.

CGE transforms education to prepare young people for a global 21st century by bringing together the most influential educators, businesses, and government officials; commissioning research and publishing insights; and partnering with schools and education systems to change policy and practice.

Our vision is that in an interconnected global era, all youth from all countries and cultures will have the capacity to create, participate in, and benefit from a peaceful and prosperous world.

Our mission is to develop global competence in students, young leaders, and educators as the foundation for understanding between people in the US, the Asia Pacific region, and throughout the world.

We accomplish this through a variety of initiatives, professional development offerings, partnerships, and resources. We work with educators, school districts, parents, and communities to ensure that they have the tools and support they need to globalize learning and better prepare young people for our global future.

Center for Global Education Initiatives

China Learning Initiatives

China Learning Initiatives strategizes and executes a multitude of projects aimed at making Mandarin language learning in the US mainstream, and generating engaging, relevant, and approachable learning content about China for the American public. Learn more

Global Cities Education Network

The Global Cities Education Network is an international learning community of city school systems in Asia and North America. The network seeks to share promising practices to develop system responses to systemic education problems, ultimately improving education for all students. Learn more

Global Learning Beyond School

Asia Society works to increase the quantity and quality of global learning in afterschool and summer programs. Youth-serving organizations share our mission of supporting student success within and beyond school, in work, citizenship, and life in the 21st century. Learn more

International Studies Schools Network

The International Studies Schools Network has been working with school leaders and teachers since 2003 to create a global vision and culture, build students' global competence, and develop and inform best practices for educators. Schools in the network are graduating students at close to 90 percent, beating out comparison schools two-thirds of the time. Learn more

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