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Wenfei Wang's Story Time With Second Graders in Chinese Novice-High Immersion Class

COLORADO, September 18, 2019 — In this TEQ video activity we will watch the Chinese language teacher Wenfei Wang’s 2nd-grade Chinese immersion class at the Global Village Academy–Aurora in Aurora, Colorado. This video presents a teacher-guided reading activity that engages second-graders in self-expression and story comprehension. The teacher showed the picture book Big Chicken and Leaking Mouth, and talked about the pictures with the children. Wang used the storybook to create context and encouraged the children to think and express opinions instead of answering factual questions. The children, guided by the teacher, talked about the story by making predictions, learning new words with visual assistance, thinking and talking spontaneously, making personal connections with the story, and summarizing the story using self-expression. This kind of true conversion is the most vital part of children's language development. (10 min., 21 sec.)