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Full-length documentaries, powerful short films, avant garde animation, adrenaline flicks, and panel discussions. Mountainfilm, through a dynamic spectrum of content, generates energy and inspiration, hope and exhilaration, love and tears.

Join us for this 2-evening event, which includes delicious food, drinks, and of course the very best thought-provoking and exciting documentaries on the planet.

Theater doors open for seating at 5:30 pm.  Come early for dinner or save room for a bite during intermission.


Industrial Revolutions

Directed by: Stu Thomson, 2011 UK
Duration: 5 mins

There seems to be no end to what Danny MacAskill can do on a trials bike, whether it be on the streets of Dunvegan, Scotland, or in an abandoned industrial train yard. Ben Howard’s song “The Wolves” artfully underscores MacAskill — whose bike seems almost an extension of his body — as he performs electrifying tricks in unexplored places.

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Right to Play

Directed by: Frank Marshall, 2012 USA
Duration: 42 mins

Were his Olympic speed-skating gold medals in 1994 his only legacy, Norwegian Johann Olav Koss might have just become another athlete living off dusty accomplishments. Instead, Koss used the same singular determination and focus that took him to the top of his sport to make a difference in the lives of some of the planet’s most vulnerable and victimized children.

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Fresh Guacamole

Directed by: PES, 2012 USA
Duration: 2 mins

Western Spaghetti was at Kidz Kino in 2009. PES returns to serve up another tasty meal with Fresh Guacamole. No one but PES could make grenades, dice, pincushions or chess pieces look so appetizing.

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Swiss Machine

Directed by: Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen, 2010 USA
Duration: 25 mins

Ueli Steck is a Swiss speed climber and alpinist who scales giant rock and ice faces at a rate so blurrily fast that it could be considered stupid. But the thing about Steck is he is incredibly precise and controlled. “I am like a Swiss watch, you know. Very efficient,” he says in the film.

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Directed by: Mikey Schaefer, 2012 USA
Duration: 3 mins

Dean Potter is nothing if not creative. In this short piece, he highlines across a desert landscape with a massive full moon as his backdrop.

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Living Downstream

Directed by: Chanda Chevannes, 2010 Canada
Duration: 55 mins

Like her hero, the pioneering environmental writer and activist Rachel Carson (author of Silent Spring), Sandra Steingraber is a cancer victim. Diagnosed at age 20, she successfully battled the disease for 30 years. During that time she’s used her knowledge and training as a biologist to bridge the gap between what scientists and the medical community regard as the causes of cancer. Steingraber grew up surrounded by toxic chemical discharge from industrial agriculture and is certain that her childhood environment and her health as an adult are intimately connected.

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Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Directed by: Alison Klayman, 2011 USA/China
Duration: 91 mins

“For the world to change, everyone must shoulder the burden,” says the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. This may be true, but it seems that he’s shouldering more than his fair share with bold work that ranges from sculptures to documentaries and includes, perhaps his most effective canvas, Twitter. This film, directed by first-time filmmaker Alison Klayman, shows how the artist is constantly watched, monitored and harassed by state security, yet he continues to use his cell phone, video camera and middle finger (literally) to express his discontent with the Chinese government.

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All.I.Can JP Auclair Street Segment

Directed by: Eric Crosland and Dave Mossop, 2011 Canada
Duration: 5 mins

JP Auclair teams up with Sherpas Cinema in this short, mind-blowing segment from the 2011 Powder Magazine Movie of the Year All.I.Can to tame the mean streets of British Columbia on skis. You might have seen this footage on your computer, but check it out on the big screen.

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About Mountainfilm

Started in 1979, Mountainfilm in Telluride is one of America’s longest-running film festivals. Through the years, in and out of trends and fads, the Mountainfilm in Telluride Festival has always been best described by one unchanging word: inspiring. Far more than any other adjective, that’s how festival audiences describe their experience.

In addition to screening leading independent documentary films from around the world, the festival includes a full-day symposium on a critical contemporary issue, art and photography exhibits, early morning coffee talks, a book signing party, an ice cream social, student programs and a closing picnic/awards ceremony. Presentations and panels are scheduled throughout the Memorial Day weekend event with a wide diversity of special guests, ranging from artists to adventurers and academics to activists.

Year-round and worldwide, we take a selection of festival films out on the road. We present both single-event and multi-day shows, hosted by a wide array of organizations, including schools and colleges, corporations, community groups and theater operators. Through the tour, we touch the lives of some 20,000 people every year and visit more than 70 locations on five continents.

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Video: What is Mountainfilm?

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Sat 23 Feb 2013
6 p.m.-
1370 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX 77004 713.496.9901
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General Ticket Friday $35; Friday and Saturday General Pass $60.
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