Past Exhibitions

15 Sep 2018 - 17 Mar 2019
This exhibition features four artists who have incorporated cartography into their practices and exploration of topics such as urbanization, economic migration, environmental change, refugee movements, and the persistence of colonial legacies.
16 Aug 2018 - 19 Aug 2018
Tibetan monks will construct a sand mandala at Asia Society August 16-19.
28 Jul 2018 - 10 Feb 2019
Building on her family background in woodblock printing, artist Ayomi Yoshida has focused recently on large-scale installations that incorporate prints to achieve dramatic transformations of space.
10 Mar 2018 - 29 Jul 2018
As a partner venue for the FotoFest 2018 Biennial’s central exhibition, Asia Society Texas Center will present artists and collectives focusing on contemporary India and the India diaspora.
28 Oct 2017 - 08 Jul 2018
Zheng Chongbin fuses western abstraction with the Chinese calligraphic tradition in works of ink and acrylic on paper.
23 Sep 2017 - 25 Feb 2018
More than 100 historic and contemporary objects showcase the long history and breadth of Islamic art.
10 Aug 2017 - 13 Aug 2017
Tibetan monks construct a sand mandala at Asia Society from August 10-13.
22 Apr 2017 - 10 Sep 2017
Contemporary artist Sangram Majumdar emphasizes shared points of connection between seemingly disparate cultures.
28 Jan 2017 - 30 Jul 2017
This exhibition explores the innovative shape bamboo art has taken in Japan since the mid-twentieth century.
01 Oct 2016 - 01 Jan 2017
Through photographs, 'In the Wake' reflects on the powerful role of artists in the journey of recovery from cataclysmic events, as seen in these works stemming from Japan's 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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