Upcoming Events

Monday 25 Jun 2018
STORYTELLING TRADITIONS: Weave together ancient Indian dances, Chinese music, and Japanese drumming to bring your own stories to life!
Monday 9 Jul 2018
SUPERHEROES OF ASIA: Join us for an action-packed week filled with heroes and villains from Asian lore, including the Monkey King, the demon Ravana, and the Crane Princess.
Monday 16 Jul 2018
The second session will focus on India and address issues such as India's cultural diplomacy, educational and social reform, economic infrastructure and growth corridors, population growth, and access to resources.
Family Activity
Saturday 21 Jul 2018 - 1 - 4 p.m.
You are invited to a fun-filled day in the Museum District with family-friendly activities at Asia Society Texas Center, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) and Lawndale Art Center!
Monday 23 Jul 2018
SHADOW PUPPETRY: Design and build your own shadow puppets, then join your fellow campers in an exciting performance on stage!
Monday 30 Jul 2018
The third YLI session will focus on the Middle East and address issues such as communal cooperation, peace-building, foreign investment and economic growth, governance and geopolitics, and humanitarian issues.
Monday 6 Aug 2018
AMAZING ASIAN EATS: Taste and cook foods from India, Thailand, China, Korea, and Japan! At the end of the week, you and your teammates will create a food stand for an Asian Night Market.
Thursday 25 Oct 2018 - 7:15 - 8:45 p.m.
Join Asia Society Texas Center for a conversation on China’s economy, the state of the government’s reform agenda, and the resulting impact on relations with the US and other countries.

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