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Through workforce development programs, foreign language programs, and an international school, West Virginia is working toward providing students with ways to build global competence. Read on.

Afterschool/Extended Learning

The 21st Century Community Learning Centers support afterschool programing throughout the state. Approved programs develop extended learning opportunities that vary depending upon local needs and interest. In West Virginia the Kaleidoscope afterschool program has integrated global themes at three program sites this past school year. Through the program, students have been introduced to basic French and Spanish language. Additionally, learners have been able to explore global issues for France, Spain, and other parts of the world.

World Languages

The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) has initiated the process of aligning current state content standards with the ACTFL National Standards, ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, and NCSSFL Can-Do statements. Emphasizing the need for proficiency, the WVDE is providing opportunities for students to participate in activities that increase exposure to the target language. A week-long, residential Spanish camp for high school students has been conducted the past three years and has doubled in annual enrollment. As proficiency is a long-term process, there has also been a further emphasis on world language learning and opportunities for elementary students. A one-week, Japanese immersion day camp was held for the third year and exceeded the maximum enrollment. Additionally, WVDE has continued to support a two-week, Chinese STARTALK camp that has been in operation for five summers. WVDE has recently partnered with two county school systems to develop and implement model content-related FLES programs. Following the lead of other NCSSFL states, West Virginia has developed an online LinguFolio® that allows students to establish learning goals and monitor their progress. In an effort to bring the world to the state, West Virginia is pleased to host Guest Teachers from China and Spain.

Teacher Preparation and Professional Development

The Office for Diversity and Global Initiatives in the College of Education and Human Services at WVU has integrated study abroad programs to preschools in Pistoia and Reggio Emilia, Italy. Additionally, the College of Education at WVU offers opportunities in Strasbourg, France and a study abroad experience in Turkey for speech pathologists.

Workforce Development

GOVERNOR’S GUARANTEED WORK FORCE PROGRAM: The West Virginia Development Office offers an employee recruitment and flexible customized job training program. This program offers up to $2,000 per employee for training assistance to eligible companies by providing funding that directly supports the transfer of knowledge and skills. Eligible activities include but are not limited to: high performance workplace development; structured on-the-job training; travel costs for trainer; job-specific technical training; and Train-the-Trainer

WORK FORCE PLANNING COUNCIL: The Council is tasked with coordinating initiatives, leveraging resources, and planning for the delivery of a comprehensive workforce strategy that ensures an integrated and strategic approach in meeting the educational and training needs of West Virginia's employers and students, and enhancing the economic development efforts of the state to complete in the global marketplace.

The West Virginia International School (WVIS) was created in January 1997 as part of an incentive package proposed by the state of WV to bring international Japanese corporations to West Virginia. The WVIS is supported by the state and WVDE for the purpose of preparing Japanese students for their successful re-entry into the education system when they return to Japan. A reciprocal sharing process occurs as the WVIS Japanese families visit local elementary schools and share the Japanese school culture with American students.


The West Virginia Department of Education, Office of Secondary Learning has fostered the development of model instructional units for the Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives (CSO’s). Targeted units address global competence and 21st Century Learning Skills.


West Virginia Department of Education
West Virginia Development Office

West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers Association

West Virginia Office of Federal Programs

West Virginia University College of Education and Human Services

Case Studies

In 2011 Veronica Boix Mansilla led a professional development session with teachers in West Virginia working with them on how to incorporate Global Competence into their lessons and how to use the Global Competence Matrix to look at student work.


Robert Crawford


Global Competence Resources

Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) partnered to define global competence and the skills and abilities that students need to demonstrate to be globally competent.

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