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A picture is worth a thousand words—or thousands of data points. See our infographic series derived from Mapping the Nation data.

International Trade + Jobs
International Exchanges
Sister Cities + Benefits
Language Rich or Poor?

Jobs Tied to International Trade

One in five American jobs are tied to international trade. See where the biggest concentration of these jobs are and how your state stacks up.

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International Education Exchanges

Educational exchange is good for the U.S. economy, builds leadership skills, and promotes peace (did you know one out of every three foreign Nobel Peace Prize winners was an exchange student here?). And yet, fewer than 10% of our college and university students study abroad.

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At the high school level, that figure drops to 0.001%. (Infographic by iEARN-USA; data from CSIET.)

Sister Cities and Their Benefits

The United States had 1,847 sister-city partnerships in 2012. That's a lot of citizen diplomacy!

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Language Rich or Language Poor?

Over a 35-year period, more Americans are learning more languages—but not even one in five language learners get beyond the introductory level.

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