Underbelly Chef Gives Audiences a Virtual Taste of His Foodie Tour Through Vietnam

HOUSTON, August 21, 2015 — Houstonians and beyond know about chef Chris Shepherd’s refectory, Underbelly. Since its 2012 opening, the restaurant has made a name for itself in this multicultural food-obsessed city. A James Beard award-winner, Shepherd is not averse to risk, as evidenced by Underbelly’s ever-changing menu and a kitchen known for its “fierce raw energy” (Houston Chronicle). While this may not surprise local eaters, many may not be aware of Shepherd’s love of and passion for the flavors of Asia — in particular, Vietnam.

Shepherd’s recent culinary tour through Southern and Northern Vietnam was the focus of a packed Texas Center program on August 19. He was joined on stage by Houston Chronicle travel editor Jody Schmal to discuss his two-week journey. Immediately following, guests enjoyed Vietnamese fare from Saigon Pagolac, a local favorite of Shepherd’s, serving traditional dishes.



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