QFest's "Call Me sis"


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About the Film

Mi-ae, a middle aged woman is facing a midlife crisis not unlike those shared by countless others. A mother of three, the wife of a relatively prosperous bank executive, and a woman who enjoys a comfortably middle-class existence, Mi-ae grows increasingly frustrated by her two sons’ demeaning behavior towards her, her boorish husband’s unforgivable cheapness, and her own sadness at never having felt for herself the joys of true love — something she becomes acutely aware of when observing her estranged daughter’s loving relationship with another woman.

After abruptly leaving a disastrous anniversary evening arranged by her thoughtless husband, Mi-ae meets the shy and kind Soo-nim, her youngest son’s schoolmate. Choosing to spend a long evening with Soo-nim rather than return home to the male members of her family, Mi-ae finds herself irresistibly drawn to this gentle young woman as a flood of emotions sweeps Mi-ae away on an unexpected journey of self-discovery.


7:30 PM | Opening Remarks
7:40 PM | Call Me sis Screening
9:20 PM | Video Conference Call Q&A with the Director

Director's Statement

“When I started filming, more than 11 years ago, my goal was only to create a story that portrayed the relationship of human beings. But, in the 11 years the film took to complete, it slowly, unexpectedly, became an intimate portrait of an increasingly universal experience in today's gloomy society: The struggle of poor people to get a foothold, to learn their rights, and to assert their voice in our society.”

About the Director

Lee Sang-woo

Lee Sang-woo received the Bronze prize from the KOFIC screenplay competition for his first feature script Janie and Marine and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in film. His first feature, Tropical Manila (2008), was invited to the International Film Festival Rotterdam and Osaka Asian Film Festival, in addition to other film festivals. His second feature, Mother is a Whore (2009), gained attention from many film festivals as well. He has made 15 feature films and now is working on an upcoming HBO horror drama that will be aired in 2018.

About QFest

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Fri 27 Jul 2018
7:30 - 9:30 p.m.

1370 Southmore Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77004


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