Holiday Qigong Workshop with Henderson Smith


In collaboration with Living Well Therapies

Holiday Qigong

Take care and address that holiday stress! Asia Society Texas Center's Qigong classes with Henderson Smith exercise both the mind and body using a practice that anyone can enjoy and benefit from. Learn to float in that ocean of stress we call life. Find calm at the center of your storm. Learn sustainable skills to make a positive difference in your own life.

This five-session workshop on Cultivating Life Qigong (Wu Dang Yang Sheng) will be brought to you direct from the Wudang Mountains of China, where Henderson Smith learned it from Master Zhou Jin Bo. These sessions can be attended by seasoned practitioners or serve as an introduction for beginners interested in a longer course.

Delivered with a focus on you. Learn movement, mindfulness, an the powerful capacity of your breath to change your physical and mental health. Students will develop the foundation for a set of skills that will empower them to cultivate wellbeing at home, at work, and at play for the rest of their lives.

Each class will include Meditation, Stretching, and Qigong to establish an aware, centered state from which to engage your Three Treasures, the Three Forever Friends (mind, body, and breath) that will serve you for the duration of your life. Students are encouraged to develop organically at their own pace, embrace their own unique considerations, and evolve in the capacity to better manage the thinking, feelings, and doing that influence their everyday lives. The classes will end with a brief meditation, reading, questions, and discussion of that day's experience.

Please note there will not be a class on Monday, November 26.

About Qigong

Qigong is breath-focused mindful meditation in motion. Qigong is the foundation and predecessor to Tai Chi. All Tai Chi is done using the principles learned from Qigong, which applies the mindful use of breath in mediative motion through our body. Qigong places the attention of our creative mind on the powerful unseen energy of our breath, harnessing the power of mind and breath to improve health in our body, mind and spirit. Balance, harmony and wellbeing in our life are the end result.

About the Instructor

Henderson Smith

Henderson Smith is the Founder of Living Well Therapies and specializes in teaching Qigong and Tai Chi as the exploration of applied physical, mental and energetic self-mastery. He began the exploration of Qi (breath or energy) as a medium for healing and maximizing power with Sei Bu Do Martial Arts. Under Grand Master Dr. Donald Swansey where he earned a 2nd Degree Black Belt and studied Acupressure, Pressure Points and Medical Qigong for natural healing. Henderson continued his study of Qigong as a system for self-awareness, self-care and self-control earning a 350-hour Professional Certification with the (NQA) and a 200-hour Teacher Certification with the (IIQTC) under Master Teacher Dr. Roger Jahnke were Medical Qigong was encouraged as a way to access and activate the natural healing capability within each of us.

Henderson has since earned the advanced certification of Sr. Trainer with the (IIQTC) and has served as Lead Assistant on a 2013 and 2018 trip to China where he studied under 17th Generation Master Zhou Jin Bo. Henderson has studied with a number of exceptional teachers including Master Gladys Kennedy with Meditative Fitness and under Master Shi Xing Hao of the Shaolin King Fu Academy in Houston, TX.

Leveraging a BS degree in Management and Marketing, 20 years of experience in the insurance and employee benefits business and a clear correlation between medical claims and the habits that drive them, Henderson formed Living Well Therapies in 2007. Founded on the understanding that each individual has the unique responsibility for managing him or her SELF, Henderson is committed to holistic wellness solutions that harness the power of our potential to exercise conscious control of our SELF; (our thinking, feeling & doing).

Over 10-years with a record of improving Self-Evaluation Assessments (SEA), using pre-program to post-program results, Henderson’s unique approach to conscious self-governance has become a legitimate asset for innovative companies seeking to establish a culture of wellness and a competitive advantage that positively moves the needle on stress & productivity for the people hired to drive profits. Meeting the needs of our “grow on the go” society, as CEO, Henderson & a highly skilled team launched MeTime24/ (MT) in 2018. Accessible via cell phone, tablet, computer or TV, (MT) is a visually vibrant conscious media platform delivering self-mastery and Qigong & Tai Chi lessons directly to subscribers, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

In 2017 following the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, Henderson was trained under Dr. James Gordon and the Center for Mind Body Medicine (CMBM) were he lead trauma relief training for the City of Houston, (HCDD). Henderson is a Sr. Fellow with the American Leadership Forum (ALF), graduating in 2013 from Medical Class 5 where the focus was on “Disruptive Innovation” applied to improving the health care system. Henderson was a founding member of the board of directors for the former Houston Wellness Association in 2005, he is also a graduate of Leadership Houston and the United Ways Project Blue Print. He received the Sandy Reed Memorial award during his tenure on the Board of the Park People and lead the design of a UW Employee Benefits Package that earned a national endorsement from the United Way of America in 2004.

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Mon 05 Nov 2018 - Mon 10 Dec 2018
6 - 7:30 p.m.

1370 Southmore Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77004


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