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Asian CineVision in association with Asia Society is pleased to host the 40th annual Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF).
Jun 1-2: Celebrate emerging Japanese and Japanese American filmmakers.
A unique and delightful program that offers a chance for us to re-understand the Filipino culture.

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A Q&A with ‘Among the Believers’ filmmakers Hemal Trivedi and Mohammed Naqvi
'Nowhere to Call Home' Director Jocelyn Ford on Tibet and her film.
Bringing award-winning Asian films to Manila!
A discussion with the filmmakers behind ‘Dreaming Against the World.’
Filmmaker Midi Z recently presented four films for his first U.S. survey.
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Myanmar filmmaker Midi Z’s leading lady is in fact a cosmopolitan chameleon from Taiwan.
Director speaks candidly ahead of Asia Society series.
Mar. 6-13: Emerging director's first U.S. survey.
Despite not advancing to the final list of nominees announced on Jan. 15, filmmaker Mu Zijian has made his mark by being the first Chinese national shortlisted in the Academy Awards' "Best Documentary Short" category.
Twice-a-month, free-admission screenings of the latest in Korean cinema.
Learn more about our free twice-a-month screenings.
Jonathan Landreth reports from 2014 U.S.-China Film Summit.
Pakistan's national film industry may have gone into decline, but painter Sarfraz Iqbal is still a consummate, busy professional.
Sept. 5: A new documentary looks at the sometimes alarming cultural and environmental effects of worldwide tourism.
Aug. 20: Wang Jiuliang uncovers "Plastic China."
Four documentaries explore China's environmental crisis
Asia Society and the 2014 New York Asian Film Festival co-present three cult classics that define what action cinema is all about.

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