Our Volunteers

Volunteer at AsiaFest

Asia Society Texas Center is incredibly grateful to our volunteers for assisting with tours, programs, and general office support. 

Our volunteers help advance our mission and we are thankful!

Want to get in on the fun? Get involved here.

2017-18 Volunteer Awards

Volunteer of the Year
Mei Qi

Business and Policy Volunteer of the Year
Ernest Kwan

Docent of the Year
Phivan Wright

Family and Summer Programs Volunteer of the Year
Judy Rosenberger

Performing Arts and Culture Volunteer of the Year
Inma Fernandez

Past Volunteers of the Year
Chi-Ming Ling (2016-17)
Gay Ann Gustafson (2016)
Lindy Denny (2015)
Sandra Kang (2014)
Jahan Jafarpour (2013)

Anne Haass with Students and Volunteers

2017-18 Volunteers

Volunteered for at least two programs since July 2017

Krista Acas
Deepti Ahuja
Sumathi Annaiyappa
Wilma Anton
Rebecca Becerra
Sue Bleakie
Anne Breux
Amber Bullock
Chris Chan
Elaine Chan
Archie Chen
Lia Chen Stallman
Monjula Chidambaram
Aproteem Choudhury
Dan Chu
Thierry Chu
Ellie Clifford
Kailey Clifford
Sarah Cloots
Paul Crespo
Catalina de la Garza
Abimbola Farinde
Inma Fernandez
April Gomez
Gino Gonzalez
Vehishta Kaikobad
Anne Haass
Sabrina Hanson
Mudasir Haq
Sarah Jin Haugland
Gabrielle Heal
Brandon Kang
Sandra Kang
Janet Kim
Ernest Kwan
Claire Langenkamp
Mei Leebron
Vernon Lewis
Celia Lin
Chi-Ming Ling
Shuze Liu
Tony Liu
Andrew Lu
Jonathan Lu
Sadiq Maredia
Abby Mathias
Michael Melsi
Nelson Mendoza
Natasha Naik
Laurie Newendorp
Lauren Nip
Rosie O’Neill
Luda Orelup
Charlie Padgett
Shaila Patel
Esha Pisipati
Mei Qi
Ram Ramanathan
Unna Ramanathan
Keith Revis
Jennifer Rojas
Judy Rosenberger
Cecile Sacker
Isabel Song
Chertty Sue
Ivan Sue
Irene Sumolang
Liyu Sun
Alexandria Thomas
Claire Thompson
Huy Tran
Anh Truong
Emalie Vann Ghomina
Anthony Varner
Sherley Wang
Monicca Warjanto
Kareemah Webster
Ed Wehrli
Rose Wehrli
Kyren Wong
Phivan Wright
Jenny Yun
John Zentgraf
Heng Dianna Zhang
Junlei Zhang

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If you would like to join our volunteer team, please visit our volunteer page for more information on the volunteer opportunities currently available. For questions, please contact Kaitlyn Ellison at KEllison@AsiaSociety.org or call 713.496.9901.