Tibetan Buddhist Monks Return for Fifth Year to Create Sand Mandala, Present Sacred Music and Dance

HOUSTON, August 19, 2019 — For the fifth consecutive year, Tibetan Buddhist monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery in southern India returned to Asia Society Texas Center to create a mandala sand painting and perform Sacred Music Sacred Dance for World Healing.

Over five days, the monks placed millions of grains of crushed marble sand to construct an Avalokiteshvara (a mandala for compassion) design in Asia Society's Edward Rudge Allen III Education Center, with opening and closing ceremonies. Visitors created hundreds of lungta ("wind horse") prayer flags that were displayed in the Education Center and the Water Garden Terrace and, on Saturday, built a community sand mandala as the monks continued their work.

Also on Saturday, the monks presented Sacred Music Sacred Dance at two showtimes featuring temple music and dance that showcased traditional multiphonic singing, instruments, costumes, and lively philosophic debate.

At the conclusion of the closing ceremony on Sunday, the mandala sand painting was swept away, symbolizing the impermanence of all things.

Previous mandala sand paintings created at Asia Society Texas Center included a Green Tara (Prosperity and Accomplishment) mandala in 2018, a White Tara (Buddha for Longevity) mandala in 2017, Manjushri (Bodhisattva of Wisdom) mandala in 2016, and an Akshobhya (the Unshakable Victor for Conflict Resolution and Peace) mandala in 2015.

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Live Streams

Day 5 (Sunday, August 18)

Day 4 (Saturday, August 17)

Day 3 (Friday, August 16)

Day 2 (Thursday, August 15)

Day 1 (Wednesday, August 14)

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