International Developer Honored at Fourth Annual Huffington Award Luncheon

HOUSTON, October 14, 2016 — Asia Society Texas Center’s fourth annual Huffington Award Luncheon at the Hilton Americas last Friday, October 7, honored Hines Founder and CEO Gerald D. Hines. The honoree was introduced by Harvey Builders CEO David E. Harvey, whose father collaborated with Hines to found Harvey Construction in the 1950s. Lauding the international developer as a “master builder” and “master risk-taker,” Harvey praised Hines for his great timing, vision, instinct, and courage.

Hines went on to speak in conversation with Gensler’s Founder M. Arthur Gensler Jr. about Hines’ numerous projects overseas, the differences and challenges of building abroad, and what the future of architecture and sustainable building will look like for international cities. The 91-year-old also reflected on his illustrious career before offering some personal advice to the audience: “Reach out and expand yourself. You’ll end up with a lot of experiences that you will treasure throughout your life.”

Co-Chairs Anne and Charles W. Duncan, Jr. presented Hines with the Roy M. Huffington Award for Contributions to International Understanding. Afterwards, the honoree held a private Q&A session with local high school students.


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