The Hon. Kevin Rudd Emphasizes “Constructive Engagement and Common Purpose” for U.S.- China Relations

The Honorable Kevin Rudd (Paul Gor)

HOUSTON, May 29, 2015—Asia Society Texas Center hosted its third installment of the Distinguished Leaders on Asia series with The Honorable Kevin Rudd. During the exclusive luncheon, Rudd addressed the all-important U.S.-China relationship and started with the premise that, “The beginning of wisdom in international relations is to understand how the other guy thinks.” As an active student of China for nearly 40 years, Rudd noted that both countries must look to common interests in issues of global importance—bilateral trade, security building measures, global health, and climate change—opportunities for “constructive engagement and common purpose.” Furthermore, he noted that there is “new potential consensus to make sure we have a sustainable and strong global order with these external challenges." (59 hr., 54 min.)




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