Asia Society Korea’s Matthew Fennell spoke with H.E. Vikram Doraiswami, the Indian Ambassador to Korea, about the importance of rice in Indian culture and cuisine.
Asia Society Korea, in partnership with Lotte Shopping’s Culture Center and the Indian Culture Centre, held the third class of its international cooking series.
Asia Society Korea was invited to attend the 2017 Philippine Food Festival, which was hosted by the Philippine Embassy in Seoul.
Asia Society Korea continued its cooking class program on Monday by teaming up with the Embassy of Sri Lanka.
We were delighted to have been invited to the 2017 Indian Food Festival hosted by the Embassy of India.
This month’s edition of Asia Society Korea Center’s Healthy Food Series takes us on a journey below the equator to examine the New Zealand avocado.
With February marking Lunar New Year, the Korea Center decided to find out more about Yusheng, the traditional and symbolic dish associated with festivities in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
We kick off our series by exploring Indonesian cuisine in January and each month a new region will be on the menu.