Like matter changing phase, the recent sudden transition from hostility to affability on the Korean peninsula has been utterly predictable yet somehow surprising.
By Daniel A. Pinkston, Ph.D., Troy University, Seoul; Asia Society Korea Advisory Committee Member
아시아소사이어티 정책연구소(ASPI) 정책토론회, 2018년 1월 25일, 미국 뉴욕
Asia Society Korea resumed its 2017 Monthly Luncheon Lecture Series on Tuesday with a panel discussion.
South Korean organizations believe they will be able to devise better strategies for information dissemination in the North Korean context.
If the whales, China and the United States, are in conflict, Koreans believe they will suffer the most.
By Daniel A. Pinkston, Ph.D., Troy University
Asia Society Korea hosted its April Monthly Luncheon on Tuesday at the Lotte Hotel Seoul.
Although it is unknown whether North Korea will even participate in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games, one cannot help but feel that the incredible support of the South Korean people at Gangneung Hockey Center will influence the decision.
Daniel Pinkston is a professor at Troy University and Asia Society Korea Center's contributing writer.