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President Donald J. Trump addresses the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly (Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)

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Every year, particularly during the convening of the United Nations General Assembly in September, Asia Society provides a forum for high-profile discussions with top officials throughout the region. These programs provide an opportunity for Asia Society's public audience to interact with global leaders in order to foster a better understanding of both the challenges and significant opportunities that characterize the continent.

Check out Asia Society's events related to the 2017 United Nations General Assembly below.

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A look back at some of the New York center's most memorable events.
Mohammad Javad Zarif discusses Iran's nuclear deal with the United States as well as its role in the Middle East with Charlie Rose.
Khawaja Muhammed Asif says that despite President Trump's claims to the contrary, Pakistan is not responsible for Afghanistan's problems.
Despite their documentary clocking in at 18 hours, Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have encountered some critics who say it wasn't thorough enough.
Retno Marsudi recently met with Myanmar's de facto head of state and discussed the unfolding Rohingya refugee crisis.
Australia Foreign Minister Julie Bishop explains the complex politics behind the persecution of the Rohingya.
Alan Cayetano says critics of Duterte's violent anti-drug campaign aren't giving the full picture.
In an off-the-record conversation at Asia Society, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon discussed a wide range of topics related to Asia.
Speaking at Asia Society in New York, Ashraf Ghani played down recent gains by the Taliban insurgency.
The Center for Global Education at Asia Society hosted a panel of global education and health leaders on September 21, 2017. Read highlights and articles from the event, "What Global Education Can Learn from Public Health."
Car pods and vacuum trains are among the advancements that will drastically shorten travel times between cities, says Judith Rodin.
Daniel Russel, President Obama's former point person for Asia, explains why North Korea has a nuclear weapon it can't use.
Judith Rodin discusses how the world's urban areas can adapt to climate change, decaying infrastructure, and other problems.
Former National Security Advisor Tom Donilon says the pressure that precipitated the Iran nuclear deal can serve as a model for dealing with North Korea.
At a time of rising nationalism and deep uncertainty, a new report from the Asia Society Policy Institute argues that regional institutionalism is crucial to maintaining Asia's "long peace."

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Current Affairs
The architect of Iranian foreign policy engages in conversation with Charlie Rose at Asia Society New York.
Current Affairs
The Iranian foreign minister described his country's plan in regard to the nuclear deal.
Current Affairs
Mohammad Javad Zarif contrasts the Iranian style of government with those of its adversaries in the region.
Ashraf Ghani and Fareed Zakaria discuss the prospects for peace and security in Afghanistan.
Current Affairs
Khawaja Muhammad Asif responds to criticism from President Trump and others that Pakistan is complicit in its neighbor's troubles.
The Pakistani foreign minister discusses a range of subjects with Steve Coll at Asia Society.
Current Affairs
Ken Burns and Lynn Novick give an inside look at their new series on PBS ‘The Vietnam War.’
Retno Marsudi describes her discussions with Myanmar's de facto head of state regarding the Rohingya refugee crisis.
The first female minister for foreign affairs of Indonesia gives insight into the country’s vision of peace and stability. 
Julie Bishop says that Myanmar's iconic leader does not have the political power to prevent the military from carrying out its ethnic cleansing campaign in Rakhine State.
Alan Cayetano says the Philippines doesn't have any other choice but the violent drug war instigated by President Rodrigo Duterte.
Education experts discuss how global best practices in their field can spread.
Judith Rodin describes how advances in train travel will shrink distances between major cities around the world, transforming economics and commerce.
Chris Ward presents AECOM’s reimagining of the Brooklyn waterfront.
Experts discuss how to preserve the urban waterfront in the future.
Experts discuss what the New York City waterfront could look like in 2060.
Daniel Russel, President Obama's former point person for Asia, explains why North Korea's nuclear program cannot be wholly defensive.
Daniel Russel, President Obama’s former point person for Asia, shares his insights on some of the most important issues affecting the region.
Current Affairs
Former National Security Advisor Tom Donilon says the pressure that precipitated the Iran nuclear deal can serve as a model for dealing with North Korea.
Current Affairs
A discussion of a range of diplomacy and security issues affecting Asia.

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