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Dancers and musicians from the court of Sultan Hamengkubuwono X performed traditional Indonesian dances including the bedhaya, accompanied by a gamelan ensemble.
All about bedhaya and other traditional dance forms from Indonesia.
Photos and video of performances by four acclaimed dancer-choreographers, each one looking back and moving forward from traditional forms.
An introduction to the most popular and common flavorings found in Indian cooking across the subcontinent
Talking spices, seasonings, and new menu items with Garden Court Café's chef de cuisine.
As part of national Museum Day, on Saturday, September 22, Asia Society Museum is offering free admission for two to anyone with an official Museum Day ticket.
Zehra Jumabhoy and Boon Hui Tan explain why Asia Society's fall 2018 exhibition is so groundbreaking.
Save the date for September 14, when Asia Society kicks off the 'Season of India' with panel discussions, expert opinions, and an exhibition opening bash.
The 13th Asia Contemporary Art Week (ACAW), September 5–November 2, 2018

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