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By Daniel A. Pinkston, Ph.D., Troy University, Seoul; Asia Society Korea Advisory Committee Member
Thirty Years of Sports and Politics
Vietnam's first ever gold medalist, Uzbekistan's seven-time Olympian gymnast, and many others are making history in Rio de Janeiro.
Reactions to controversies involving China at the Olympics highlight a powerful and enduring aspect of the country's national psychology.
10 disciplines that deserve a shot at world stage.
Julie Chu on her journey as an Olympic hockey player
From Thailand to Pakistan, 21 countries are sending athletes to compete in sports traditionally dominated by North America and Europe.
Feeling blue? Or red? Or green? The Beijing Water Cube can tell!
As the world bids 2012 adieu, we look back at some of the year's most memorable people and events from Asia.
Already feeling post-Olympics blues? No more finish times to discuss? Fear not! Here's a look back at some of the iconic, gravity-defying and emotional images from the London Olympics.
Asia-related stories that kept viewers hooked.
At the 110-meter men's hurdles heats at the 2012 Olympics Games in London, Chinese favorite Liu Xiang — a one-time Olympic champion, world champion and world record holder — stumbled yet again, failing to get over even the first hurdle.
Almost a week into the 16-day event, here's a look at how triumphant Asian Olympians reacted when they realized they had just won a medal.
Just in time for the Olympics, a Chinese milk company based in Inner Mongolia launched an ad campaign in London that had locals scratching their heads.
Looking back at the impact of Beijing 2008.
North Korea in the running for 2018.
What next for a country that boasts a homegrown space program, but cannot guarantee clean drinking water for its people?

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