Video: Emotions Run High As Activist is Slain in Bangladesh

A mere 24 hours after protestors in Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital, held a candlelit march demanding the death penalty for 1971 Liberation War criminal Abdul Quader Mollah of the local Jamaat-e-Islami party, members of his party have apparently retaliated by slaying Ahmed Rajib Haider, 26, a blogger and activist in the Shahbag protest.

Scores of people have taken to social media platforms to mourn Haider's death and bring it to the attention of international news organizations. The above video, filmed at 2:38 am Dhaka local time, on February 15 by Faizul Abedin Khan, senior staff writer at The Independent, shows crowds chanting for Quader Mollah to be hanged mere hours after news of Haider's death broke. Below is a Storified account of Haider's slaying and the messages that subsequently started pouring in online.

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