Three-Year Plan

Asia Society Southern California created a three-year plan to set forces in motion to diminish states of isolation and to promote conditions favoring bridge-building, connectivity, inclusiveness, harmony and ever deeper levels of inter-human contact between more and more of us – both here at home and around the world.

Where Have We Been?

Theme: Raising Awareness
In 2005, Asia Society Southern California laid the foundation by raising awareness that globalization is a fact of life in the 21st Century. Programs showcased enlightened paths away from dangerous isolation toward states of greater connectivity, particularly through market based globalization.

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Where Are We Now?

Theme: Expanding Our Reach
“Globalization can be a great party, a non-ending celebration of continued growth – but only if it is sustained by the diversity of the guests and the inclusiveness of the participants.”
Donald Tang, Chairman, Asia Society Southern California

In 2006, we are concentrating on expanding our reach to connect to a far more diverse and sweeping cross-section of people beyond Asians, Asian-Americans, even mainstream Americans to include all peoples of the world – African-Americans, South-Americans, other minorities, students, union leaders - that enrich the world at large and Southern California in particular.

Our programs now reflect this broader mandate of inclusiveness. In fall 2006, Asia Society Southern California will escort the Los Angles Urban League’s leaders to meet Chinese leaders and people on the street. Our partnership with the Los Angeles Urban League exemplifies our mandate of inclusiveness and how we are working to expand our reach.

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Where Are We Going?

Theme: Getting Deeper
We believe in the power o f communications and entertainment arts to connect people, create opportunity, and build harmony and community around the world.

Next year, we’ll go from connections to deep relationships by leveraging our common world languages - entertainment, music, global popular culture, fashion and sports - in this new, instantaneous digital age.

The focus will be on the digital entertainment and information pioneers of our time and how we can best leverage what they have created to breed conditions favoring greater intimacy, transparency, trust, human understanding, community and harmony – near and far.

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