Talk at the Library: Caterpillar Fungus


Gold Rush in the Tibetan Mountains [MEMBERS ONLY]

Photo: © Emilia Sulek

© Emilia Sulek

When SARS hit and the Bird Flu was in full swing the Chinese pharmaceutical industry pronounced a new remedy as its miracle cure: the caterpillar fungus. In season for a month only, the parasite catapulted the mountainous region of Golok, a pastoral region on the Tibetan plateau, into an economic boom reminiscent of 19th century gold rush in America. Only: this is the 21st century, with a contemporary China as a huge market, a global player, and a folio for modern life, not only to nomads in the periphery. 

How did this society – who lived almost entirely without any money for centuries – react to the new wealth? What did the money flowing in do with the society? And what other economic and social effects did this strange phenomenon bring? 

Join us for a members-only conversation with Emilia Sulek. The anthropologist lived in the region for a year and found a story of globalization and modernization that speaks of an unexpected situation and of people who do well in it.


11:50 – Doors open
12:00 – Conversation with Emilia Roza Sulek
13:30 – End of event


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Emilia Roza Sulek

Emilia Sulek is a scholar of China, Tibet and Central Asia. She writes about contemporary Asian societies, shadow economies, development, state power, political conflict and environment, and gender politics. She is a member of ROADWORK: an anthropological research project about the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. She teaches in Zurich and Bern, currently about Tibet and the CIA during the Cold War Period.

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Tue 04 Feb 2020
12 - 1:30 p.m.

Asia Society Switzerland
Mühlebachstrasse 20
8008 Zurich

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