Among the many regional organizations in Asia one in particular has made headlines lately: the «free and open Indo-Pacific». Former Swiss Ambassador to India, Philippe Welti, and former Swiss Ambassador to Australia, Daniel Woker, have talked with U.S.-citizen and long-time Japan-resident Jeffrey Bohn, head of the Swiss Re Institute, about what the concept means.
Partner, competitor, or incompatible – the relations to China are often a variety of things at the same time. On Monday, June 25 2018, German Ambassador Norbert Riedel and Swiss Ambassador Johannes Matyassy discussed how the Asian policies of Germany and Switzerland compare and what can be learned from each other.
On Monday we had the pleasure to listen to Amb. Paul Seger and SRF Correspondent Karin Wenger discuss the current state of Myanmar. Having presented the developments by both a diplomat and a journalist, we got to listen to a wide range of views and thoughts.
How do people live in North Korea? How do they spend their spare time? Former Swiss representative in Pyongyang, Katharina Zellweger, provided insights into the unknown and gave account of the diverse economical and social change.
In the lead-up to the Trump-Kim Summit, what strategies do the different players follow, and what do they stand to gain? A short overview.
Last Tuesday we enjoyed watching Patrik Soergel's documentary «The Other Half of the Sky» at our very first movie night. In a fully booked auditorium we learned about four of China's most powerful businesswomen and the deep socio-economic transformations the country is undergoing.

May 22, 2018
China has around 800 000 internet users, its entrepreneurs aggressively chase after new inventions in the financial sector, and new companies process around 1 000 000 transactions a day.
On May 4, 2018, we gave over two dozen students the opportunity to talk directly to four mentors who have worked and lived in Asia and gained valuable experience in their respective fields.
Award-winning photographer Matthieu Zellweger introduced to us the centuries-old tradition of Sake brewing in Japan, followed by a Sake tasting.

April 12, 2018
A conversation with Dr. Edward Tse, founder and CEO of Gao Feng Advisory Company, and one of China’s leading strategy consultants

March 15, 2018