Thailand's Political Crisis Deepens

Once defiant ‘Red Shirt’ anti-government protesters surrendered after Thai troops crushed a months-long street standoff that had paralyzed central Bangkok. Hundreds are under arrest, a night-time curfew has been declared along with a TV news blackout as the army tries to mop up small pockets of resistance. But will the tough action by the security forces restore a lasting peace to the capital of the so-called ‘Land of Smiles”? Or, is more violence, bloodshed and social unrest likely? Can the kingdom regain a sense of unity? And, who are the main players in this national tragedy? In this audio slideshow, Duncan McCargo, author of Tearing Apart the Land: Islam and Legitimacy in Southern Thailand, winner of Asia Society's Bernard Schwartz Book Award, discusses Thailand's political crisis.


Produced by Stephanie Valera, Asia Society Online