Ninja Kids!!!


New York International Children's Film Festival
in partnership with Asia Society presents

Ninjia Kids!!!

From the twisted mind of Takashi Miike comes an insane new kids’ flick about a feuding ninja school – a riotous kung-fu comedy that easily earns all three exclamation points in its title. Little Rantaro comes from a long line of low-ranking ninjas, so when the time comes to leave the family farm to enter ninja school himself he is determined to study hard. Yet despite their dedication in star-throwing, explosives, and rock-climbing, Rantaro’s first year class is so inept that the headmaster declares an early summer vacation and sends them all home. 

But the youngsters will get to earn their stars yet – after being challenged by a rival clan, the first-years must race to ring the bell at a mountaintop temple to save the school. Brilliant in its excess and bursting with joyous energy from the infectious young cast, the film is loaded with non-stop visual gags, dopey villains, adorable ninja trainees, and one very informative “friendly ninja trivia commentator” (as well as a musical back-story about a ninja-turned-hairdresser, sung mock operatic under a shower of falling flower petals). To quote one reviewer: Your jaw will drop like an elevator with a snapped cable. Be sure to stay for the end credits! 

Comment: Stylized cartoon violence is jarring at first, until you realize that no one really gets hurt.

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Sat 24 Mar 2012
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
725 Park Avenue, New York, NY
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