Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild


New York Premiere

New York Premiere

Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild

Dir. Oh Sung-Yoon. 2014. South Korea. 97 minutes. DCP. English dubbed. (Suitable for ages 4 and above)

The latest in animation for audiences of all ages around the world is the Aesop-like fable of Daisy the hen, who escapes a life of drudgery for one of excitement, danger, and newfound responsibilities.

The story opens with Daisy the hen trapped in a relentless egg production line on an inhumane factory farm. Mourning her lost eggs and yearning for freedom, she escapes into the wilderness. There, thanks to Wanderer, a crippled wild duck, she narrowly escapes One Eye, a predatory weasel. In gratitude Daisy vows to adopt and care for Wanderer’s son, Willie. The two of them then set off on a journey to the Everglades. As Willie begins to learn to fly and swim, he realizes his mother Daisy is, surprisingly, firmly grounded on land. Identity confusion sets in and the two must come to terms with their differences.

Based on the highly acclaimed Korean children’s book The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly  by Sun-mi Hwang, the Korean-language version of this film has already garnered numerous awards. A 108 Media release.

"[Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild] has a dreamlike, painterly look and endearing, often comic creatures." — The New York Times

“The film stands out for its action sequences that boast tremendous velocity, realism, and cinematic flair.” — The Hollywood Reporter

“Cinematically, [Daisy] is utterly stunning…” — Hangul Celluloid

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About the director: Oh Sung-Yoon studied painting at Seoul National University and later went to work for the animation production company, Seoul Movies. He is now currently producer and director working for the production company, Odolttogi. His filmography includes The Little Dinosaur Dooly (1996), Lazenca (1997), and Goindol (1999). Daisy: A Hen Into the Wild is his feature film debut.

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