Asian American International Film Festival: Generations Shorts

Shorts: Generations

Part of the 42nd Asian American International Film Festival
Presented by Asian CineVision in association with Asia Society

Shorts: Generations
102 mins. DCP. 

Whether it be biological or chosen, family is powerful. These shorts explore how generations come together; clash and grow, for better or for worse.    

This program includes the following shorts:    

Dir. So Young Shelly Yo. U.S. 14 mins. 
A story about a Korean American girl named Juno who is haunted by her father's disappearances. Upon his return, Juno must decide to keep her drifting father grounded or to let him go.    

Dir. Erin Lau. U.S. 19 mins. 
In rural Hawaii, a teenage girl must confront her father after he enters her beloved pet in a dog fight.    

Dir. Foroud Avazpour. Iran. 14 mins.
An old man suffer from amnesia and his children take him to the past to find the present.    
Dir. Jeffrey Wu. U.S./China. 4 mins.    
While visiting his grandmother in Beijing, a grandson explores how Alzheimer's is changing his family and what it means to reconcile intergenerational relationships through language and culture in the face of irreversible memory loss.    

Dir. Clifford Miu. Taiwan. 14 mins.    
Eleven year old Chris arrives at the hospital only to realize that his mother and uncles have decided to pull the plug on his beloved grandfather.    

Dir. Kelsy Lua. U.S. 6 mins.     
Please Translate explores how language can act both as a barrier and an effective tool to help bridge the relationship between a Chinese immigrant mother, and her American-born daughter. 

Dir. Haruna Tanaka. Japan. 30 mins. 
Kamehachi, a jobless carver of Buddhist statues, earns his living by making lifelike statues for freak shows. A member of a local well-to-do family requests Kamehachi to make a doll of his fatally ill daughter Tsubaki to copy her mortal beauty as is.   

Followed by a Q&A. 

The 42nd Asian American International Film Festival runs from July 25 to August 3.

The Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF) premiered in the summer of 1978 in New York City answering a growing need for social understanding, cultural diversity in American life, and independent cinema. AAIFF is the first festival in the U.S. to showcase film and video work by artists of the Asian Diaspora. Forty years later, the AAIFF has grown to include films and video from more than 30 countries, a variety of topical panels and workshops, industry mixers, staged readings, exclusive interviews, receptions and more.

Event Details

Sat 03 Aug 2019
12:15 - 2 p.m.

Asia Society
725 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021

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