'2010 Asian Pacific Americans Corporate Survey' Examines Barriers to Career Advancement

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Asia Society’s Landmark “2010 Asian Pacific Americans Corporate Survey” Examines Barriers to Career Advancement

Survey Explores Why Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) Among Most Educated Employees Yet Underrepresented in Corporate Leadership

Outlines Ways for Firms to Maximize APA Contribution to Corporate Growth in the U.S. and Asia

New York (July 2010) – Asia Society’s groundbreaking “2010 Asian Pacific Americans Corporate Survey” of 2,000 Fortune 500 employees – the first to exclusively measure the corporate success of Asian Pacific Americans – answers the questions of how companies can create an inclusive workplace that promotes APAs to corporate leadership positions as well as draw on APA talent to grow their business at home and abroad.

The survey showed that Asian Pacific Americans overwhelmingly care about the futures of their companies (88 percent of respondents) and most would recommend their companies as good places to work to other APAs (73 percent). They also gave high marks to their firms’ diversity efforts. Yet, while APAs are among the most highly-educated employees, they largely feel underrepresented among the ranks of corporate leaders.

This disparity – or so-called “bamboo ceiling” -- can be seen in the types of departments where APAs in the sample are employed, with nearly half of respondents working in either financial or technology related departments. Overall, APA employees are less likely to feel they are able to employ all of their skill sets or feel they have the opportunities for career growth and development. And in an era of globalization, less than one-third of those surveyed felt their company encourages its employees to pursue careers in Asia.

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