Voice of Youth(VOY) Project

Aisa 21 Young Leaders Summit

1. Program Outline

Listening to the voices of the younger generation, the “Voice of Youth” is a program that supports students’ researches on diverse issues that impact both South Korea and the world. Presentations will be held in front of a crowd that consists of diverse personnel. Also, a certificate and research funds will be provided to those who complete their reports.

2. Research Topic (Topics can be chosen freely within the four main subjects)

- Arts & Culture: Research on various areas such as art, music, literature, and culture
(i.e. Globalization of Korean Literature from the Perspective of Korean Vegetarians”

- Education: Research on the leading country’s education systems along with policy suggestions
(i.e. An Education Model and a Logical English-based Education Model focused on the Fourth Industrial Revolution)

- Policy & Society: Research on East Asia’s political issues and domestic social issues
(i.e. North Korea, 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, and Peace)

- Business & Economy: Research on the outlook of the leading industries of the future and economic development
(i.e. The New Industry by the Fourth Industrial Revolution; World Economy and Asia)

2019 Schedule

March 29, 2019          Selection process is completed.

April 3, 2019               Orientation 

April 12, 2019             Deadline for revised proposals.

June 2019                  Deadline for research completion. (date TBD)

July 2019                   Presentation (date TBD)

August 2019              Award presentation (date TBD)