Participants of Voice of Youth


2019 Participants of Voice of Youth 


Ji Yeon Jeon

Ewha Womans University, Master’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations

Jiyeon Jeon’s research interests lie in the intersection of racial politics, nationalism, migration and citizenship, and foreign policy. In the past, she has worked with local governments to support early education for multicultural families. She has also worked for an NGO that assisted in overseeing resettlement programs for North Korean defectors in South Korea. At Ewha, she seves as a research assistant and a teaching assistant for the political science and international relations department.


Wonguk Cho

Soongsil University, Lifelong Education Studies

Wonguk Cho is very interested in the Korean educational system. His dream is to create a learner-centered educational environment where learning can take place throughout the entire lifetime of participants, from cradle to grave. His research topic for Asia Society Voice of Youth 2019 addressed university students’ perception on English medium courses in school, to further demonstrate the impact of English curriculum on academic performance and future prospects for students’ careers. 


Jihyeon Bae 

Kyung Hee University, Master’s Degree in International Relations

Jihyeon Bae is an aspiring political scientist at Kyung Hee University. Her research interests include democratization, international institutional design, and political methodology. Recently, she has been focusing on the international dynamics of ongoing democratic recessions with a regional focus on Asia. Having such puzzle in mind, she presented her research paper answering whether Chinese aid has negative ramifications on the status of East Asian democracies.


Seohee Lee

Seoul National University, Ph.D. in Public Administration

Seohee Lee is a Ph.D. candidate in Public Administration at Seoul National University. She aspires to build up her academic achievements through improving sophisticated and complex social research projects. As a participant of Voice of Youth 2019, Lee presented her research on the effects of urban gentrification on the residents of Seoul.


Seulki Hong

Seoul National University, Ph.D. in Public Policy

Seulki Hong is a Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy at Seoul National University. Her research paper for Voice of Youth 2019 addressed the growing demand and significance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), as well as the guidelines businesses could follow to satisfy the emerging interest in CSR.

2018 Participants of Voice of Youth 


Youjin Lee

Schwarzman Scholars, Tsinghwa University, Master's Degree in Global Affairs 

Youjin is a Schwarzman Scholar  which is a fully funded one year Master's degree program established by CEO of Blackstone Stephen A. Schwarzman for fostering youg global leaders in geopolitical domain. She is now aspiring to enhance the technological application to build sustainable world in global area.


Hong Il Kim

Chung-Ang University, Bachelor’s Degree in Business

Hong Il Kim emphasizes the importance of human interaction and cooperation above superficial awards or status, and eagerly hopes to become a proud Korean representative in the globalized arena. He is a beneficiary of Asan scholarship and received full-tuition in recognition of voluntary services for the community, which involves providing English lessons to students in foster care and music lesson to a child with autism. Kim is currently interning at Operations Division of Morgan Stanley Korea. 


Eunkyung Son

Sogang University, Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economy

Eunkyung Son dedicates much of her passion towards solving challenges with female migrant entrepreneurs in South Korea. Through her experiences in the business world both in Korea and abroad, she aims to harness great opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs and businesses to take root in Korea.


Eun Ji Park

London School of Economics and Political Science, Master’s Degree in Environment and Development

Eun Ji Park holds interest in environmental policies and climate adaptation measures. She aspires to be a diplomat for climate change negotiations in the future. Through Asia Society Korea, Park was able to publish a paper titled 'Korea in the integrated carbon market for Northeast Asia'. Consequently, Park have followed a path to pursue an internship in the European Parliament, continue her education in London and take part in a project for water and sanitation in the Philippines as a fellow scholar of the Ban Ki Moon Center for Global Citizens in Vienna, Austria.


Gahwan Yoo

Ewha Woman’s University, Master’s Degree in Social Welfare

Gahwan Yoo’s ultimate goal as a researcher is to successfully integrate multidisciplinary subjects and methodologies on social welfare research projects to enhance the wellbeing of the socially marginalized. She is interested in how immigrant groups are vulnerable to social exclusion, the lack of treatment for mental health, and labor market segmentation. Yoo’s master’s thesis addresses the social capital of immigrant youth in South Korea. Yoo was selected as a recipient of the Government Scholarship for Overseas Study covering two years of expenses for studying abroad.