By Daniel A. Pinkston, Ph.D., Troy University, Seoul; Asia Society Korea Advisory Committee Member
Say "No" to Konglish
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아시아소사이어티 정책연구소(ASPI) 정책토론회, 2018년 1월 25일, 미국 뉴욕
아시아소사이어티 정책연구소(ASPI) 1월 보고서, 2018년 1월 18일, 미국 워싱턴
As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have dominated the news across the world of late, this new craze is none more so evident than in South Korea, where huge amounts of Bitcoin are traded daily.
Thirty Years of Sports and Politics
As we enter 2018, we are now just weeks away from the Games. So, what can people expect from Pyeongchang 2018?

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