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13 April
A fun-filled interactive family event featuring a lantern-making workshop, followed by a world premier concert of a lively sextet band of Chinese and Western instruments.
6 April
Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp, addresses how digital platforms have commodified content, undermining the provenance and the profits of those who create content, and ushering in an age of skimming and scamming.
3 April
Pascal Boniface discusses how sport has become the new field of confrontation, peaceful and regulated, between nations.
1 April
Asia Society Fellow Ja'pheth Toulson shares his experience at the Asia Arts Award in Hong Kong during Art month this year.
31 March
A distinguished panel of educators and supporters of education discusses the importance and key challenges on developing global mindsets among Hong Kong's youngsters.
30 March
ASHK members experienced a unique tram ride during Art Basel week.
20 March
Michelle A. Williams explores an ambitious health agenda that will help women live longer, happier and healthier.
16 March
Our members enjoys a relaxing evening of networking, art appreciation and more.
16 March
Jim Stent assess the transformation of Chinese banks over the past 15 years.
15 March
Arundhati Bhattacharya discusses the growth of India’s direction in 2017, in addition to opportunities and challenges that the country faces.