An eye-opening documentary screening and panel discussion on how save two unique wildlife species.
By introducing a model for design thinking, Prof. Jeanne Liedtka discussed ways to tackle today’s problems innovatively.
A world premiere concert with bilingual narration that tells the story of Qu Yuan and the Dragon Boat Festival.
Help "Sunday Beauty Queen" reach out to a wider audience.
A panel of artists and experts discusses the roles and challenges of contemporary art and the prospects of Hong Kong’s art industry.
Celebrate International Day of Yoga at ASHK with a full day of various yoga classes and mindfulness.
An afternoon of exciting workshops, relaxing art appreciation and free-flow wines.
What does 2017 hold in store for the Trump-Xi relationship? Will a new era dawn in Sino-U.S. relations?
A panelist of experts discussed actions undertaken to support Asia’s youth escape poverty.

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