Oscar nominee Bombay Jayashri Ramnath gives an exclusive performance.
Rufus Bird unveils artworks from the Queen's Collection.
A unique and delightful program that offers a chance for us to re-understand the Filipino culture.
An evening screening of Dreaming Against the World of Chinese artist Mu Xin, followed by a discussion about the film.
Richard Saller uses wine as a tool to explore social and economic changes from the Roman Empire to today.
Teacher and chamber music coach Leo Phillips joins the 8th International Hong Kong Chamber Music Festival
Over 100 distinguished guests join the glittering opening ceremony.
Reşat Kasaba discusses the new U.S. policy and impact on Middle East.
India by the Bay is the only festival of India in Hong Kong. Come and experience India's cultural dynamism!
Be inspired by the Mari-Cha Lion trams or objects with lion motifs for a chance to win exciting prizes.

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