ASHK Bids Farewell to 5 Consul Generals

A group of twenty people standing on two rows of a stage. They are professionally dressed as it is a formal business ceremony.

Current and departing Consul Generals gather for a group photo with Mr. Chan and Ms. Mong.

On the rainy night of June 26th, 2019 we celebrated 5 outgoing Consul Generals for their remarkable contributions. Led by our Chairman Mr. Ronnie Chan and Executive Director Ms. S. Alice Mong, the cocktail reception and farewell ceremony was an opportunity to recognize Ms. Michaela Browning representing Australia, Mrs. Monika Muller-Fembeck representing Austria, Ms. Michele Deneffe representing Belgium, Mr. Ioannis Maloukos representing Greece and Mr. Antonio A. Morales representing Philippines. As many Consul Generals have participated in Asia Society’s arts and cultural events with enthusiasm and curiosity, Mr. Chan and Ms. Mong began the cocktail by expressing gratitude and appreciation for all the Consul Generals, and reassuring these individuals that despite their leave they will always be part of the ASHK family.

A close up image of four people smiling looking at the events happening on stage.
Mrs Muller-Fembeck, Ms. Michaela Browning, Ms. Michele Deneffe and Mr. Maloukos listening to the welcoming remarks.

Ms. Browning, Mrs. Muller-Fembeck, Ms. Deneffe, Mr. Maloukos and Mr. Morales were all given an opportunity to share short remarks about their time here in Hong Kong. They all emphasized their love and interest for the city’s dynamic culture, food and people. Ms. Browning, Consul General of Australia, ended her remarks by recognizing that despite Hong Kong’s currently fragile political and social environment, perhaps a positive spin is that the past few weeks have only emphasized the unique significance of Hong Kong.

A portrait image of one of the consul generals wearing a pink blazer with glasses holding a mic and making her speech.
Consul General of Australia Ms. Browning making her departing remarks onstage during the cocktail reception.

Each Consul General left with an exhibition catalogue from one of two ASHK solo exhibitions: of the celebrated Yoshitomo Nara or pioneering Mr. Hon Chi-fun. The catalogues were a small token of appreciation for all the hard work they have done to build bridges between Hong Kong and the world. We wish them all the best on their next journeys.

A group photo of 7 individuals with four women on the right and 3 men on the left dressed in professional attire and smiling facefront at the camera. Some members are holding souvenirs.
Left to right: Ms. Alice Wong, Mrs. Monika Muller-Fembeck, Ms. Michaela Browning, Ms. Michele Deneffe, Mr. Ioannis Maloukos and Mr. Ronnie Chan.