Our People

Asia Society Hong Kong Center Staff


S. Alice Mong, Executive Director
Annie Li, Executive Assistant and Office Manager
Sarah Fok, Adminstrative Assistant 

Development and Membership

Helen Chen, Head of Strategic Development
Dorothy Cheung, Head of Membership
Sin Chang Mak, Membership Manager
Millie Yip, Membership Officer
Morgan Mamudi, Senior Development Manager
Annie Cheng, Development Officer

Events and Visitor Service

Virginia Ng, Head of Events and Visitor Service
Lisa Ng, Events & Visitor Service Manager
Peggy Lam, Senior Events and Visitor Service Officer
Jamie Leung, Events and Visitor Service Officer
Winggie Fung, Assistant Events & Visitor Service Officer
Pat Wong, Visitor Service Manager
Carmen Choi, Senior Visitor Service Ambassador
Zoe Ho, Visitor Service Ambassador
Helen Tam, Visitor Service Ambassador
Angel Lai, Visitor Service Ambassodor
Ken Lo, Events Service Manager
W. K. Wong, Facilities Manager

External Affairs

Vicky Lam, Community Outreach Manager
May Tam, Assistant External Affairs Manager
Ja’Pheth Toulson, Asia Bridge Fellow

Finance and Administration

Clarence Lam, Head of Finance and Administration
May Wong, Assistant Finance & Administration Manager
Lena Ng, Finance and Administration Officer
Iris Lai, Human Resources Manager
Ivan Lung, IT Manager
Andrew Lau, Audio and Visual Manager
Ka-Lok Chan, Audio and Visual Technician
Tsz-Lok Lo, Audio and Visual Technician


Katherine Don, Head of Arts & Cultural Development
Joyce Wong, Curator
Kaitlin Chan, Assistant Curator
Cara Tsui, Registrar


Penny Tang, Head of Programs and Initiatives
Stanley Kong, Head of Programs (Arts and Culture)
Pauline Wong, Program Manager (Visual Arts Education)
Cassandra O'Brien, Assistant Program Manager (Visual Arts and Education)
Bettina Buck, Program Manager (Business and Policy)
Janis Wu, Senior Program Administration Officer
Jackie Keung, Program Officer (Business & Policy)