Video: Highlights of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's Asia Society Appearance

At an Asia Society and Council on Foreign Relations event Thursday evening, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke to a packed room on a wide range of topics from nuclear talks with the U.S. to his most recent reading choices. In the highlights below, Rouhani speaks with Asia Society President Josette Sheeran about some of these issues, answering her questions as well as many from audience members and the global webcast audience via Facebook and Twitter.

Fast-Tracking a Nuclear Agreement

Responding to Sheeran, Rouhani talks about his desire for quick resolution on talks over Iran's nuclear program, while emphasizing that Iran won't give up its right to nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

On Iran, Syria and Chemical Weapons

Rouhani describes how Iran can contribute to international negotiations aimed at resolving Syria's civil war and help prevent another chemical weapons attack in that conflict.

'You'll See Women Active Everywhere'

Rouhani addresses the status of Iran's women and his attitude toward critics of his regime.

Foreign Minister Zarif: From Challenges to Possibilities

Arriving near the end of the program, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif took the stage to offer a positive assessment of his meetings with the the "P5+1" diplomatic group and with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.