Jeonbokjuk (Abalone Porridge)

Photo by annamatic3000/flickr


300 grams of fresh abalone
1 1/2 cup of rice
2 tablespoons of sesame oil
8 cups of water
1 tablespoon of salt


1. Soak rice in water more than two hours. Drain it through a wicker strainer.

2. Shuck the shells and entrails from the abalones. Brush the abalone meat clean in water and chop into slices.

3. Ladle the sesame oil onto a heated thick pan, sizzle the abalone slices, mix the drained rice, pan-fry together for a while, and add water.

4. when the water boils, reduce the heat and stir slowly.

5. Boil the rice to a pulp and season with a dash of salt.

6. Serve the porridge in a bowl accompanied by chilled, juicy kimchi.

Recipe from the Korea National Tourism Organization