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In May, Asia Society Australia is exploring Indonesia and Australia's relationship with its northern neighbour

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In May 2015, Asia Society Australia is focusing on Australia’s relationship with our close neighbour, Indonesia. By bringing policy, business and social perspectives on Australia-Indonesia relations, we seek to generate a “contest of ideas” on if and how Australia and Indonesia can build a shared future in the Asia-Pacific neighbourhood.

Report | Connecting Australia and Indonesia


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Asia Society Australia is pleased to announce the release of a topical report "Connecting Australia and Indonesia" as part of our ‘Insights’ though-leadership platform. The report will be launched on 25 May 2015 at our key event for the year - "Connecting Australian and Indonesia Business". The report features two distinct perspectives on the current state and prospects for the Australia-Indonesia relationship from two of Australia’s leading Indonesia observers and practitioners, Richard Woolcott AC and Andrew Parker.

For more information and to download the full report, click here >>

Special Event | Connecting Australian and Indonesian Business

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Asia Society Australia and Telstra have partnered to bring about a signature program that will examine the opportunities and challenges for organisations undertaking business between Australia and Indonesia. The program will feature a high-level expert panel that will share perspectives and unique insights on business challenges, drivers and opportunities in Indonesia.

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Why Indonesia Matters

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Why is it necessary for Australia to build and maintain a constructive and comprehensive relationship with Indonesia? There are least four reasons why:

  • Geographical proximity: Only 240km of ocean separate the two countries
  • Potential for trade and economic growth: Given that Indonesia’s economy is 30% larger than Australia’s economy and is rapidly expanding, and that Indonesia’s middle class is larger than Australia’s entire population, there is much potential for Australian businesses, and for greater trade and investment cooperation between the two countries
  • Security and defence: the idea that ‘a positive relationship with Indonesia contributes profoundly to Australia’s overall security’ has been echoed in different Australian Defence White Papers. Additionally, cooperation between the two countries may also enable better tackling of major transnational challenges, such as terrorism and people-smuggling, acutely felt by both Australia and Indonesia.
  • The foundations of a constructive relationship: Australia and Indonesia have an exemplary track-record of cooperation in economic and human development, security, education, humanitarian assistance and culture at global, regional and bilateral levels.

For more on why Indonesia matters to Australia - check out our Factsheet here>>


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