China's Ancient Technologies


Art over Lunch in December [MEMBERS ONLY]

Tea bowls

Tea bowl with tree leaf design, Jizhou ware, Southern Song dynasty, 13th century, The Meiyintang Collection, long-term loan to the Museum Rietberg Zurich

The rise of China through technology? When we talk of China as the new global power, we often forget that the Chinese culture had been for hundreds of years in the vanguard of the development of technologies and the forerunner in many groundbreaking inventions. Silk, paper, gunpowder and porcelain were common in China long before they were introduced to Europe. Astronomy was highly sophisticated and medical studies lead to a complex and powerful system that today is known as Chinese medicine. However, China is also birthplace of many whimsical technological inventions that made life more comfortable, as – for example – the congenial idea of a kind of ancient deodorant in the 8th century: an open work silver sphere containing a gimbal incense burner, which could be worn inside the clothes without spilling its burning ashes.

The tour will present some of these technical highly advanced objects from ancient China.



12:00 – Guided Art Tour with Alexandra von Przychowski
12:45 – Lunch (included in ticket price)
13:15 – End of event


We will meet at the ticket office at 11:50.

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About the Guide


Alexandra von Przychowski is curator for the Arts of China and the Himalaya region at the Museum Rietberg. She joined the museum in 1997 after completing her studies in East Asian art history and sinology in Heidelberg and has since then participated in several exhibition projects and published extensively on diverse topics.


About Art over Lunch 

Art over Lunch is a monthly event series for members of Asia Society Switzerland. Each time, we visit an exhibition or a special part of a collection with curators and experts for 45 minutes followed by a small lunch. The tours are designed to give members a different view on the vast troves at the museums in the city of Zurich and provide an opportunity to mingle and discuss.

Event Details

Fri 06 Dec 2019
12 - 1:15 p.m.

Museum Rietberg

Gablerstrasse 15

8002 Zürich


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