Expressing Self – Inspired by Pan Yu-Lin | 繪現真我—由潘玉良作品出發

Installation view of Expressing Self – Inspired by Pan Yu-Lin.
Installation view of Expressing Self – Inspired by Pan Yu-Lin. Photo by Keith.

To encourage visitors of all backgrounds to get in touch with their creative side, Asia Society Hong Kong Center hosted an open art competition inviting anyone to create artworks inspired by Pan Yu-Lin’s work and inspiring life journey, as showcased through our most recent exhibition. Responding to the theme: Expressing Self – Inspired by Pan Yu-Lin, we received over one hundred submissions. The winning and selected works will be showcased in an exhibition at our center's Chantal Miller Gallery.

Voting period for Audience Favorite Award: January 26 through February 10, 2019.
The winner of the Audience Favorite Award will be rewarded with an AMMO Afternoon Tea set voucher.

Opening Hours: 11:00am - 18:00pm
Closed on Mondays

There will be no Last Thursday of the Month extended opening for this exhibition.  



開放時間:11:00am - 18:00pm 


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