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Volume Two, an ASEAN Special Edition

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“Australia can’t turn away from the challenges and shouldn’t miss the opportunities that the ASEAN region will keep presenting.” Greg Earl, Editor, Disruptive Asia

Join Asia Society Australia at KPMG Sydney for the launch of our second edition of Disruptive Asia.

This special ASEAN edition is curated and edited by award-winning journalist, Greg Earl and brings together 20 unique perspectives on the dynamism, diversity and changing nature of the ASEAN region and Australia's relations with its South East Asian neighbours. 

To celebrate the launch of this publication, we’ll be bringing together a panel of Disruptive Asia contributors and Asia watchers from across academia, the arts, business, community and science.

Ahead of the launch, you can explore the first five essays, released to coincide with the historic ASEAN-Australia Special Summit held in Sydney in March 2018. The full publication will be available on the day in hardcopy and online.

Date: Friday 30 November 2018 
Time: 8:30 am - 10:00 am 
Venue: KPMG Sydney, 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney NSW 2000

This event is open to members of Asia Society Australia and invited guests. It will be followed by our Annual General Meeting at 10:30 am. Further details on the AGM can be found here >>

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Our Disruptive Asia Contributors:

Greg Earl, Australia and a region in the making

Geoff Raby, More engagement with ASEAN is Australia’s best hedge

Huong Le Thu, Why ASEAN has given up on ‘shaping China’

Natalie Sambhi, A shared maritime destiny for Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines

Louise McGrath, Will RCEP provide the right deal for business?

Doug Ferguson, Building a sustainable future for the New Colombo Plan

Cat Thao Nguyen, Vietnam rising: will Australia keep up?

Anna Green, The new frontier: Can ASEAN be this decade’s China

Peter Osborne, Asia’s health and wellness revolution can change its future

David Burns, A connected South-East Asia

Shamim Razavi, Enhancing the rule of law in Asia: the Australian role

Bede Moore, Delivery time: Australia’s opportunity to take a Go-Jek ride

Helen Brown, Bridging a looming digital divide with Indonesia

Aim Sinpeng,The leapfrog generation: Australia’s cyber diplomacy dilemma

Sandra Seno-Alday, Quiet achievers: how women are changing regional business

Kelly Gerard, Redefining women’s empowerment in South-East Asia

Melissa Crouch, The Rohingya crisis is a joint diplomatic challenge for ASEAN and Australia

Savitri Taylor, Reversing the boats: a humane response to a regional dilemma

Kathleen Turner, Australia’s language deficit is a threat to its role in the global economy

Michelle Kohler, Going there: reviving Indonesia/n in education

About Disruptive Asia

Disruptive Asia was made possible through the “Desai-Oxnam Innovation Fund” established by the Asia Society to celebrate generosity and almost 40 years of combined service of former Asia Society Presidents Dr. Vishakha Desai and Dr Robert Oxnam. The views expressed in all Disruptive Asia publications are the authors’ own and do not represent those of the Asia Society. Copyright © Asia Society Australia 2017-2018. 

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Fri 30 Nov 2018
8:30 - 10 a.m.

KPMG Sydney, 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney NSW 2000

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Read ASEAN Essays

  • series
    By Greg Earl, Editor, Asia Briefing and Disruptive Asia, Asia Society Australia

    Australia can’t turn away from the challenges and shouldn’t miss the opportunities that such a diverse region as South-East Asia will keep presenting.
  • series
    By Huong Le Thu, Senior analyst, Defence and Strategy Program, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

    South-East Asian leaders must relearn how to agree on their joint regional interests if they are going to be able to manage the rise of China.
  • series
    By Natalie Sambhi, Research Fellow, Perth USAsia Centre

    Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines are natural partners in promoting security and preserving stability in the maritime domains of their shared region.
  • series
    By Louise McGrath, National Manager of Business and International Advisory Services, Australian Industry Group

    Red tape, behind-the-border barriers and data flow and protection are the real issues that make a difference to the trade prospects of manufacturers.