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Briefing MONTHLY is a public update with news and original analysis on Asia and Australia-Asia relations. As Australia debates its future in Asia, and the Australian media footprint in Asia continues to shrink, it is an opportune time to offer Australians at the forefront of Australia’s engagement with Asia a professionally edited, succinct and authoritative curation of the most relevant content on Asia and Australia-Asia relations. Focused on business, geopolitics, education and culture, Briefing MONTHLY is distinctly Australian and internationalist, highlighting trends, deals, visits, stories and events in our region that matter.

Greg Earl,
Editor, Briefing MONTHLY

Philipp Ivanov 
CEO, Asia Society Australia

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Election winners and losers | PNG shakeup | Chinese warriors
Election season | Economic outlook | Digital Asia
It’s a big year of voting across Asia but India is like nothing else. Greg Earl recounts a week in the middle of the world’s biggest election campaign.
Rethinking China | Election season | Asia’s best dining
Special focus: Remaking trade | Rebuilding aid. Plus: China business
India & Indonesia vote | China troubles | Diplomacy c1996
India and Indonesia business | Summit watching | Reporting Asia
All the news from the first Asia Briefing LIVE at Bloomberg Sydney | Plus: Japan’s yen for Australia and China’s population fiasco
Living with Indonesia Special | Start-ups, cantons, elections, and disaster relief | Plus the regular monthly wrap-up



Asia Briefing Unwired

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    Asia Society Australia’s new podcast channel, Asia Briefing UNWIRED, takes to the campaign trail with Festival of Democracy, following two of Australia’s most important Asian neighbours as they head to the polling booth.

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