The Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative promotes mutual understanding and effective collaboration among the next generation’s influential leaders. These collaborations are crucial because they provide the opportunity for growth, address a country’s or the region’s most pressing challenges, and demonstrate the impact that the Asia 21 initiative and its network provide to the Asia-Pacific region.

We consistently hear from Asia 21 Young Leaders that they have been inspired by the accomplishments, stories, and insights shared by their peers at Summits, forums, and local chapter gatherings, and that they use these experiences to elevate their own work.

Often, we also hear about collaborations between Young Leaders whose worlds would otherwise never have collided.

Here are a few highlights that demonstrate the Asia 21 impact, the collaboration and camaraderie of the Asia 21 Young Leaders, and their relationship with Asia Society:

Asia 21 Young Leaders in Action

NASA engineers and Asia 21 Fellows send Filipino schoolkids "over the moon" for science education.